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9/16 newspurge: enemy gene

US poverty on track to post record gain in 2009*
US poverty on track to post record gain in 2009record increase of americans living in poverty*
doomsday warnings of US apocalypse gain ground*
soros insider trading case to be reviewed*
taxpayer-owned gm pays new ceo $9m*
video: 'going out with a bang' or 'as above, so below': americans using credit cards they can't pay back*
tarpley: labor struggles deliver economic progress*

ahmadinejad: iran & africa want new world order*
israel likely to strike iran*
free the cuban five: imprisoned 12yrs over intel ops*

video: nixon plot against dc journalist detailed*
the 1,800-year-old murder mystery:
archaeologists unearth body of young girl buried with her hands tied
ernest withers, mlk photographer, exposed as fbi informant*

holy hexes:
pope addresses sex abuse scandal as uk visit begins*
pope addresses sex abuse scandal as uk visit begins10s of 1000s of tickets for papal visit to uk unsold*
5 arrested in london over threat to pope*

video: 'body snatchers' actor kevin mccarthy dies at 96*
once-groundbreaking mtv hits new low at vma's*

violent crime declined as gun sales climbed in '09*
dead mi6 worker gareth williams 'may have climbed into bag by himself'*
bag on head, bound dead man in lax restroom called 'suicide'*
relative says spat began kentucky rampage that killed 6*
cops: man shoots doctor, then kills mom, self at johns hopkins*
developing: officers shoot gunman on capitol hill*
bethany storro hoax: acid attack victim confesses injuries were self-inflicted*

obama picks skull & bones/cfr austan goolsbee, to head council of economic advisers*
flashback: this is as good as it gets?*
reid adds controversial immigration measure to defense bill*
soros front group exploits teenage celebrity to get out vote for war party*
new terror threat to US: drunk uk teens brandishing insults*
voting machine errors highlight urgent need for US database*
3,221 phantom votes found in tenn; same locations had uploads day before election*
tempest in a tea party: reactionary in libertarian's clothing*
video: christine o'donnell's insane anti-masturbation campaign*

police state int'l:
docs show dhs tracks anti-drill groups in md, pa & wv*
israeli company targets US dissidents as terrorists*
law would federalize private guards who protect US govt buildings*
dhs testing iris scanners at US border*
video: uk top cop warns police cuts may cause disorder*

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