9/22 newspurge: hold on hope

fukushima radiation 400x higher than tepco says*

fukushima radiation 400x higher than tepco saysradiation level spiking around tokyo as typhoon nears fukushima plant*
were norad & shadow govt bases the nuke/quake targets?*
scientists on trial in italy for failing to warn about deadly earthquake*
at cia, climate change is a secret*
US lawmakers will see gruesome reality of china’s one-child policy*
asthma inhalers to be phased out to protect ozone layer*
vaccine lobby launches gardasil safety hoax*
aluminum in vaccines may be more dangerous than mercury*
welsh man builds low-impact woodland hobbit house for under $5000*

whistleblowers: tight relationship between US & drug cartels*

whistleblowers say drug cartels throw fundraisers for US officials*
drug use now kills more people than traffic accidents*
rand study finds less crime near medical marijuana dispensaries*
marijuana arrests keep drug enforcers in business*

at general assembly, turkey slams israel, iran slams the west*

venezuela, cuba defend iran, syria attacks israel at nuke meeting*
US pays 62% of afghanistan’s government expenses*
ambassador to sweden: who is mark brzezinski?*
2011 clinton global citizen awards!: liberal confab sponsored by corporate fascists, big oil, big banks*

police state updates:
US-canada perimeter security &
the consolidation of north america

US-canada perimeter security & the consolidation of north americaconfrontation growing over illegal immigration in new mexico*
the colossal deceit known as the underwear bomber case*
terrorism with your pancakes? stasi raids 7 ihop restaurants*
US to build new massive prison in bagram*
appeals court ok’s challenge to warrantless electronic spying*
swedish daycare to test gps for tracking kids*
bill would require nearly all st. louis dogs & cats to be sterilized*
atlanta increases surveillance of city*
number of security clearances soars*

wv worry:
west fuckin’ virginia!:
student fan group offering vulgar t-shirt buyback program*

west virginia university among top 10% in the nation*
man sues city of martinsburg after taser incident*
wv voters like one of their US senators*
poll: rockefeller under manchin*

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