98-foot Asteroid Flashes Between Moon and Earth Within 24 Hours

from RT.com: An Apollo class asteroid is expected to whizz between the Earth and
the moon on March 5. The 98-foot-wide space rock is expected to come
within 218,000 miles of earth (0.9 lunar distances), creating quite the
site for stargazers.

The asteroid, named 2014 DX110, is expected to make its closest
approach at 21:07 GMT on Wednesday at a blistering speed of 14.85
km/s (32,076 mph). Although the space rock poses no threat to
earth, it highlights the earth’s susceptibility to near-Earth

For amateur astronomers interested in watching the flyby as it
happens, the virtual telescope project will offer live coverage
via Slooh, which allows viewers to peer through a telescope via the web.

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