abraham, marilyn & john

bolden’s book offers clues into jfk’s death
bolden's book offers clues into jfk's deathfrom hudson valley press: Conspiracy theories have long haunted the Kennedy assassination. Now Abraham Bolden offers a new one in his book “The Echo from Dealey Plaza.” Bolden was in Newburgh last Tuesday promoting his new book. He spoke to a standing room only audience in the auditorium of the Newburgh Free Library.
flashback: ex-secret service agent reveals jfk plot in chicago

$1.5m for monroe sex film the world will never see
$1.5m for monroe sex film the world will never seefrom guardian: It may be the most explosive film Marilyn Monroe ever made – a 15-minute home movie that purportedly shows the actor performing oral sex on a man rumoured to be John F Kennedy. But it also looks set to be a film the world will never see. The New York businessman who owns the footage insists that it is not for public view. The New York Post reports that the silent 16mm footage was sold earlier this week to a New York businessman for a reported $1.5m (£750,000). The sale was brokered by memorabilia collector Keya Morgan, who claims to have obtained the film from the son of a dead FBI informant.

sru students help unravel jfk mystery
sru students help unravel jfk mysteryfrom online rocket: Following the words of late president John F. Kennedy, “Ask not what your country can do for you-ask what you can do for your country,” four current SRU students and one alumnus are helping to unravel the mystery behind the late president’s assassination. Since 1995, JFK Lancer Productions and Publications has been sharing information about the Kennedy assassination to the public… The JFK Lancer organization is a research company that has been sharing the news and research about the assassination that its members have discovered. They gather and share details and theories dealing with the assassination of Kennedy… Thomas Pearcy, a professor of history at SRU who teaches a course about the assassination, got the five students interested in becoming a part of the JFK Lancer group.

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  1. John McAdams Avatar

    One has to be careful about the Bolden account.

    In the first place, he was almost certainly guilty as charged:


    In the second place, his conspiratorial tales were long ago discredited:


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