air america fires mike malloy

air america fires mike malloyfrom 9/11 blogger: This is from Malloy’s home page. Malloy has been the only AAR jock to air full, uncensored interviews with David Ray Griffin and Webster Griffin Tarpley, among others. Show him some support…

from Mike
Hey Truthseekers, Malloy here. My good friend Peter Werbe will be temporarily broadcasting on Air America Radio at night in my old time slot. He’s a good guy, a true left-liberal, and now finds himself in an awkward position. He cannot comment about the circumstances of my termination on the air, which I completely understand and support. I have been in Peter’s exact position in the past.

So I have a request: Please treat Peter with the respect he truly deserves. Please keep in mind he did not ask to be in this position. The righteous anger and frustration felt right now by so many supporters of our program should be expressed to Air America Radio directly.

Here’s the phone number to call: 212-871-8290 or email to:

Again, we will keep you updated as more details develop and thanks as always for your incredible support.

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