air force academy builds stone circle for pagan worship

air force builds stone circle for pagan worship

Chaplain Major Darren Duncan says in a LA Times article, we’re here to accommodate all religions, period. The academy dedicated, this spring, a $80,000 outdoor worship center called the Cadet Chapel Falcon Circle (left). It seems, a move to honor “freedom of religion”, and possibly, to fight perception the Air Force Academy fosters a “…climate of religious oppression,” alleges Michael Weinstein, an attorney and academy graduate. Jeffrey Steinberg writes in decade-old article about case from eighties of former Army Lt. Col. Michael Aquino (right), founder of Temple of Set an offshoot of Church of Satan.  Aquino is proof the intrusion into military occurred years ago. Also, government concern about satanists in military ranks, is revealed, in correspondence between Senate and Reagan administration officials. Is accommodation of “Earth-based” religions a cover for widespread occult practices? The present writer suspects military has been under occult influence for years.

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