alabama parents upset over fema coloring book with 9/11 content

alabama parents upset over fema coloring book with 9/11 contentfrom fox10tv: A page showing fire, severe weather, and flooding, all disasters that can have an impact on a family, especially children. All of these disasters were featured in a coloring book on the Federal Emergency Management Agency‘s website, designed to help children cope with disasters. But one page has parents taking the colors away. It’s an illustration of the World Trade Center Towers in New York. One of the towers has smoke coming out of it while a plane looks to be heading towards the other. “They like to color happy pictures not pictures like that I don’t think I would like to give my child these kids of pictures to color,” said parent Brandy Greer. Another parent, who was from New York, couldn’t believe the scene was in something intended for such young minds. She said she thinks the picture might actually scare a child, since most might now [sic] understand the horror of 9/11… The coloring book that included the page on 9/11 was created by the Freeborn County Crisis Response Team in Minnesota.

download the entire 25-page fema coloring book here

fema site yanks ‘scary’ coloring book depicting 9/11 attacks

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