alberta government admits nafta superhighway

(ed: incidentally, the recent storms & floods that caused mass damage to the washington/oregon portion of interstate 5 will probably tie into this further restructuring/integration of our nation’s, and continent’s, highways…)

alberta government admits nafta superhighwayfrom rogue government: Alberta’s government web site admits to the existence of a NAFTA superhighway. While establishment media hacks continue to deny plans for a continental highway, it is curious that a government web site would openly admit to the existence of it. It is also curious how these liars can get away with calling presidential candidate Ron Paul a conspiracy theorist for citing readily available information. One of the driving forces behind the formation of a NAFTA superhighway is NASCO a non profit organization dedicated to expanding our current highway infrastructure so goods can be more easily traded within the coming North American Union.

What’s funny about NASCO’s web site is that they deny the existence of a continental superhighway but openly admit to it at the same time. Take for example the following taken from their myth vs fact section:

MYTH: NASCO is spearheading the creation of a NAFTA Superhighway?

FACT: Founded in 1994, NASCO is a nonprofit organization that is working to bring together the public and private sectors along a common corridor. The organization is striving to:
1) solve critical infrastructure problems in innovative ways;
2) maximize the efficient use of our existing resources;
3) better utilize critical diminishing funding for transportation infrastructure; and,
4) employ technology along our existing infrastructure to improve security.

How is it a myth if the goal of this organization is to expand and make improvements on I-35 which is referred to by the Alberta government as the NAFTA superhighway? Why is it that they have a logo that represents the flags of Mexico, Canada and the U.S.? This is a clear cut case of double think. They deny the existence of a NAFTA superhighway, but admit openly that they are doing all sorts of things to ensure that I-35 is improved upon to be used as the NAFTA superhighway.

Here they openly admit that existing highway infrastructure is to be used as the NAFTA superhighway:

“NAFTA Superhighway” – As of late, there has been much media attention given to the “new, proposed NAFTA Superhighway”. NASCO and the cities, counties, states and provinces along our existing Interstate Highways 35/29/94 (the NASCO Corridor) have been referring to I-35 as the ‘NAFTA Superhighway’ for many years, as I-35 already carries a substantial amount of international trade with Mexico, the United States and Canada. There are no plans to build a new NAFTA Superhighway – it exists today as I-35.

The bottom line is that a NAFTA superhighway will be formed by making improvements to existing highway infrastructure. Technically, there is no new NAFTA superhighway because the NAFTA superhighway will be built around what is already there. NASCO admits this openly on their web site, and the Alberta government actually states that I-35 is the NAFTA superhighway. The continued denial of a NAFTA superhighway by establishment media hacks proves that they are not journalists, but instead are bought and paid for propagandists who are too lazy to do basic research.

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