Alien Invasion Meme at 2012 Olympics Hits Crescendo!

Hysteria is reaching crescendo on prospects of a false flag event at occult mega-ritual 2012 Olympics! The most casual observer must admit something’s up with an event that decided on such strange mascots and buildings!  Rumors have suggested, in the past, a fake alien invasion to unite humanity a la Ronald Reagan (recall also the United Nations wanted to appoint Space Ambassador).  Another rumor circulated about a dirty nuke terrorist bombing to cause mass casualties in a short story reminiscent of novel prior to 1995 Oklahoma City bombing here and from a 2010 Rockefeller Foundation report on future scenarios here.  Paul Joseph Watson, an reporter, published You Tube video, warning BBC is rushing documentary to air prior to Olympics as  a hit job on “conspiracy theorists” and Truth Movement!  Watson adds all the signals are there for a false flag, but suspects BBC treatment of alien invasion meme will only heap ridicule!  Michael Salla writes, below, a tongue-in-cheek reaction to Watson video and BBC documentary in article, Is False Flag UFO alien invasion planned for London Olympics? Salla cites a cynical rationale – but all too real – that a faked alien invasion would be good for the military-industrial complex bottom line. Salla maintains conclusions will be obvious with a good sense of wit:

“The London Olympics will undoubtedly be the biggest show on Earth from 27 July to 12 August, 2012. If aliens do show up coming in war, then we can be rightly suspicious that such an event was staged and has a very terrestrial explanation. If, however, the aliens showed up coming in peace, then we might be experiencing the real thing, and the Olympics would truly usher in the dawn of a Galactic age on our planet.”

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