anderson vanderbilt 322°

anderson vanderbilt 322°from huffington post: The NYO’s Rebecca Dana tackles the Anderson Cooper paradox, asking why the CNN darling’s stock continues to rise even as his ratings fall… Cooper’s been given a prime role on 60 Minutes, a spot on the cover of Vanity Fair, and a place atop the New York Times best-seller list…

well, it’s fairly simple… he’s an elite.

he is a vanderbilt heir. while at yale he was a member of the manuscript society, a secret society headquartered inside a tomb. (think of it as the journo-celeb-business cult sibling to the politico-military cult known as skull & bones)

and perhaps most interesting is the fact that many of us grew up watching him sell us war, genocide & soda every single day on channel one. so we trust him. we trust him when he tells us that he’s “fascinated with conflict,” and is “very interested in issues of survival and why some people survive and others don’t.”

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