annunaki agenda: perfect slave project

A semi-retired southeast Texas obstetrician, Dr Jack Pruett, heard Zecharia Sitchin on the radio, five years ago, and never looked back as related on a recent Coast to Coast AM show. Dr Pruett, who delivered over 5,000 babies and worked with Dr Ron Paul, submerged himself into ancient near East and Biblical studies. The result is a new book, The Grandest Deception,” and by no means a regurgitation of Sitchin’s work, the conclusions are more controversial. The author believes the human race remains a project, and concludes, the Annunaki are molding human genome until perfectly obedient and subservient slaves are obtained. The human race only has value in our service to them, observes Pruett. The individual is of little value in the Annunaki view, because of our short life spans. A human individual life is too brief compared to the long-lived Annunaki to appreciate us. There are more controversial views on Jesus and the New World Order. The present writer respects an author, who expresses an honest opinion, but wonders where subversion of religion will lead?

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