anti-radar group destroys french speed cameras

anti-radar group destroys french speed camerasfrom times online: French anti-terrorist police are hunting a “guerrilla” organisation that is blowing up speed cameras and demanding a ransom from the State.

Police are taking seriously claims from the Nationalist Revolutionary Army Faction (FNAR) that it is responsible for the destruction of six radar installations on roads in the Paris region over the past six months…

The FNAR, which also calls itself the National Anti-Radar Front, is reported to be demanding a significant sum of money to halt the attacks, as well as tax cuts and less rigorous enforcement of the law on the roads.

The group sent its demands to the Interior Ministry in October. Worded in the grandiose jargon of 1970s revolutionary groups, it complained about the oppression of “the owner State which robs its citizens”. The police said they did not know if they were dealing with one person or a group, “but either way, this is dangerous stuff”.

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