Apollo 11 Moon Landing Site Now Seen in Unprecedented Detail

Apollo 11 Moon Landing Site Now Seen in Unprecedented DetailThe Daily Galaxy details in article repeated attempts to provide public with hi-res images of original 1969 Moon Landing. First, images provided by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) are hyped:

“The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera snapped its best look yet of the Apollo 11 landing site on the moon. The image, which was released on March 7, 2012, even shows the remnants of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s historic first steps on the surface around the Lunar Module. This image of the Apollo 11 landing site captured from just 24 km (15 miles) above the surface provides LRO’s best look yet at humanity’s first venture to another world.”

A viewer is soon disillusioned, however, with images as there’s signs of Photoshop editing. Northerntruthseeker does excellent job arguing for a continued Apollo hoax. A You Tube video,the proof that the LRO photos are photoshopped,” shows what images actually look like and credible observations about editing. Apollo believers can take solace in case made by Bad Astronomy blog. It’s all in the image, whether you believe it’s real!

The Daily Galaxy article returns to a three year saga, an exhaustive search for tapes from camera used on the Moon:

“After the camera recorded the Apollo 11 astronauts’ descent onto the moon’s surface, they placed it on the moon to record their other activities, beaming images back to Earth by the lunar camera that is still resting on the moon’s dusty Sea of Tranquility, right where Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin left it. Following NPR’s reports in 2006 that the video tapes were missing , NASA began a massive search to find the tapes from the lunar camera.”

The article builds reader’s hope for discovery of vintage tapes of lunar landscape in odd video format of the day and converted to digital to everyone’s delight! Alas, there’s not that happy ending – or discovery – only consolation of digitally enhanced broadcast footage. There’s also regret tapes were most likely recorded over and reused for subsequent satellite missions that ran tape continuously. It seems a propaganda piece, doubts linger about sixties tech and an improbable lunar lander! The layers of deception may not stop here, though. We may not gone to the Moon with rocket tech, but what of other means? The present writer remembers a time when anti-gravity was shared with public and in the press only to go silent in the early sixties!

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