Apophis: Friday the 13th, 2036

Apophis: Friday the 13th, 2036Apophis, a menacing asteroid of uncertain orbit, is in the news again at Universe Today. Nancy Atkinson taken in by a RiaNovosti article headline, “Russian astronomers predict Apophis-Earth collision in 2036,” finds upon further reading the chances for a collision are extremely slim at 1 in 250,000 on perhaps the unluckiest Friday the 13th. Atkinson concludes, “…there is no new information or changes in understanding Apophis’ orbit..”  Apophis and the Near Earth Object Program bring an echo from the past of the warning made by rocket scientist Wehrner von Braun to Carol Rosin near the end of his life, in the 1970’s. Von Braun warned of an agenda that would use any excuse to spend trillions of dollars on space weaponization. The rocket scientist included the Russians, terrorists, rogue states, asteroids and extraterrestrials in a false enemies list to justify putting weapons into orbit. There is certainly much discussion about deflecting the Apophis asteroid. It seems the agenda is going much as planned!

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