are lulzsec hacks work of military intelligence?

are lulzsec hacks work of military intelligence?Kurt Nimmo poses crucial question in recent article, Are LulzSec Hacker Attacks the Work of Military Intelligence?“. There are concerted “cyber terrorism” propaganda campaigns on mainstream media here and here. Russian and China are names dropped as a matter of course during discussions. Nimmo cuts to the chase, however, with simple observation, Is it merely a coincidence so-called ‘hackitvists’ – who release the passwords of common folk in addition to attacking the CIA and the FBI’s InfraGard – are engaged in this behavior just as the Senate debates weighty cyber security legislation? Revolutionary hacker groups are, most likely, newer more sophisticated forms of sixties-style COINTELPRO operations, engaged in false flag attacks. It is the Hegelian dialectic: problem, reaction and solution! The most recent act’s curtain lowers on tragedy playing out before us: shutting down the internet as we know it!

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