are you enjoying the fake olympics?

are you enjoying the fake olympics? from natural news: Are you enjoying watching the fake Olympics? By “fake,” of course, I’m referring to all the fabrications that have emerged since the opening of the event. Each day, it seems, brings news of yet another fabrication by China. Here’s a short list of the fabrications that have been discovered so far:

• The weather is fake
• The free speech is fake
• The opening ceremony was faked
• The Internet access is censored
• The singing was lip-synced by a pretty girl to replace an ugly girl
• Swimmer Michael Phelps’ food is fake
• The ages and passports are faked

So I hope you’re enjoying the fake Olympics. Most of the athletes are real, of course. Their remarkable feats of human artistry, strength, endurance and athleticism are real, but the whole show surrounding it is fake, fake, fake! It’s all a fabricated show to keep the world occupied while your money, your health and your future is stolen from you by the criminal institutions of the world (governments, corporations, etc.), many of which are actually sponsoring the Olympics.

update: china’s choreographed detentions
china's choreographed detentionsfrom washington post: As he sat munching Kentucky Fried Chicken with his captors at a Beijing police station last week, the Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney couldn’t help thinking that he was going to be used as a star in an upcoming Chinese propaganda film. Along with two other Americans, Mahoney had been dragged from Tiananmen Square just a couple of hours earlier, as they attempted to unfurl a “Jesus Christ Is King” banner and protest human rights abuses in China, including forced abortions. Such public expressions of belief are illegal in this country. Now Mahoney and the others were being subjected to a classic good-cop, bad-cop interrogation routine, in this case augmented with official Chinese photographers. With the good cop in charge, out came the cameras, recording everything. When the bad cop came in, no shutters clicked.

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