Armored SWAT Raids Farm After Mistaking Tomatoes for Marijuana

from In a powerful display of the war on drugs, armored SWAT
members have reportedly ‘destroyed’ a farm during a marijuana raid that
was the result of one officer mistaking tomato plants for a marijuana
growing operation. 

But perhaps the most important part of this story is the method as to
which the raid was initiated, which involved one detective construing common language posted online to mean that the farm was growing illegal drugs. Meanwhile, of course, the mega banks are getting away with funding the actual drug cartels with open arms.
Costing thousands in taxpayer dollars, it all began when
the Narcotics Unit utilized aerial surveillance to locate the ‘marijuana
growing operation’ following suspicions from officers who felt that
certain words on the farm’s website
meant they were growing marijuana in
bulk. But what’s equally amazing is the initial charges that were being served via warrant to the owners of the ‘Garden of Eden’ farm compound, which is described as a ‘sustainable garden’.

The Arlington Voice publication
writes that the farm compound, which of course relies on the growth of
crops and the land, was being served an initial  inspection and
abatement warrant over what was described by police as ‘high weeds and
grass’ as well as ‘improper land use’. Thrown in with some other crimes,
like running a ‘food business’ out of their homes, the farm was slapped
with $3,600 in fines along with the warrant. But, of course, that was
just the beginning.

How the warrant was initiated and this entire fiasco began is even more disturbing and outlandish.

It turns out that one of the police detectives was able to go ahead and request the warrant after performing ‘online research’ on the compound, during which she uncovered ‘buzz words’
that apparently meant the farm must have been growing marijuana. As it
turns out, the words she found online are actually what I would describe
as laughable, teenage-level terminology that means virtually nothing
significant.  The famous words that sparked the destructive raid
described the farm’s food as ‘uber dank culinary artistry’.

Now, I don’t expect the detective to be familiar with the wording here, but perhaps she should have utilized an online dictionary reference
before going ahead and launching a SWAT raid on the farm over the
description. Uber, as you may be aware, is basically a German word for describing something that’s ‘super’
or ‘above’ — such as really awesome food. Dank is another word that
basically describes something that is ‘cool’. So basically this officer
is going off of a description that says the food at the farm is super cool.
Truly the mark of an illegal drug ring.

It’s actually a pretty laughable scenario until you consider not only
the cost of all of this, which comes from the taxpayers, but the damage
done to the farm itself. According to the farm owners, the armed SWAT
raid did a lot of damage to the crops and property itself (which is also
now the subject of a $3,600 fine independent of the drug assertions).
One farm resident explained what went down with the aerial surveillance
and raid on the farm to one NBC affiliate:

“They can’t even tell the difference between tomato plants and a
marijuana drug cartel,” said farm resident Quinn Eaker. “That’s just
really bad intel.”

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