army’s hallucinogenic weapons unveiled

researchers tested pot & lsd on army volunteersfrom crimes & corruption: So much conspiracy and disinformation surrounds the military’s past work on LSD and other chemical agents that it’s been difficult to separate fact from fiction. That’s starting to change, however.

Advocates of using chemical agents in nonlethal warfare are increasing, making now a good time to start reviewing the historical record. A recently published book on the Army’s infamous “Edgewood Experiments” involving hallucinogenic agents like LSD may help shed more light on the debate. The infamous CIA work, MK ULTRA, is often considered synonymous with all government LSD experimentation. But the historical record is far more complex.

army's hallucinogenic weapons unveiledThis may be the first and last time in my life that I call a self-published book a “must read,” but psychiatrist James Ketchum’s Chemical Warfare: Secrets Almost Forgotten is an usual case. As Steve Aftergood of Secrecy News has already pointed out, this book “is a candid, not entirely flattering, sometimes morbidly amusing account of a little-documented aspect of Army research.”

Ketchum’s book is also discussed in an article published today in USA Today

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or watch the documentary bad trip to edgewood (sorry, it’s realplayer)

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