Attack of the Sun

Will our high tech society collapse from the impact of a Coronal Mass Ejection? The Carrington Event of 1859, if it were to occur today would create far more havoc! Attack of the Sun,” a half hour You Tube video, estimates up to two trillion dollar cost in first year following a major event that collapses power grid. Halloween Storms of 2003 are regarded as particularly scary events, ” these energetic storms began, surprisingly, a full two to three years after solar maximum, when solar activity was on the decline. During this usually “quiet” time, when few sunspots are visible, an outbreak of 17 major flares erupted on the sun,” reports article. Will a Solar Tsunami takes us out or will we be ready? The present writer must ask obvious conspiracy question, “how would the average person be able to differentiate an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) from a CME event if true source kept secret?”

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