Winter “Wondaland” and the #BestOf2010

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Winter 'Wondaland' and the #BestOf2010Take me back to Wondaland” on Mixtape007 from Media Monarchy! It’s Christmas 2010 and we’re calling this end-of-the-year episode Winter “Wondaland” and the Best Of 2010! Featuring film scores, mashups, instrumentals and power pop from Portland to Kingston and back again by Grinderman, Gorillaz & Girl Talk – The Drums, The Books, The Walkmen, El-P and so much more! They’re my favorites for the year and hopefully everybody can find something to love; Have a safe and happy holiday – because it can’t be news and politics all the time!

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2 responses to “Winter “Wondaland” and the #BestOf2010”

  1. theeastwatch Avatar

    Thanks for the tunes brother.
    You listen to same stuff I listen to, PLUS some audio flavors I have not tasted before.
    I plan on checking out your other mixes.

    would be cool if there was a way to jump around during playback rather than having to listen to the whole thing in 1 shot.


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