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“You’ve Lost Your Shit” and the #BestOf2021

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'You've Lost Your Shit' and the #BestOf2021"Don't forget your papers for the satisfaction zone" on Media Monarchy’s year-end mixtape: "You've Lost Your Shit" and the #BestOf2021! Six non-stop hours of our favorite music from the last year: Indie rock, pop, metal, country, techno, hip hop, jazz and so much more!

As is tradition, I host the whole shebangabang with running commentary - but, if you get sick of hearing me drunkenly singing along over top of all the hits, there's always the Spotify playlist.

Another strange year has meant another record year for Media Monarchy! It's our 16th(!) year of fear-free, ad-free media - and I'm very grateful to our MM members and community for keeping us going and growing. Cheers! ♬


Aesop Rock - "Long Legged Larry"

Alex Jones - "...Because You're Lying" (WTFB Remix w/QAnon Shaman)

Alex Miller - "Don't Let the Barn Door Hit Ya"

Andrew Gordon - "Walking The Lonely Streets" (Inst. // Vinyl)

Andrew W.K. - "Babalon"

Baby Fuzz - "We're All Gonna Die!!!"

Barry Adamson - "Let's Steal Away"

Big Slaps and the Meat Sweats - "Shittin' On Company Time"

Bite Me Bambi - ""Our Lips Are Sealed" (Go-Go's Cover)

The Black Keys - "Going Down South" (R.L. Burnside Cover)

Black Marble - "Somewhere"

Blackberry Smoke - "You Hear Georgia"

Blind Joe - "I Will Not Comply"

Blooded the Brave - "FEMA Region V"

Bokassa - "So Long, Idiots!"

Brothers Osborne - "I’m Not For Everyone"

Brudini - "Rogue Oligarch"

The Burning Hell - "Bird Queen of Garbage Island"

Carly Pearce - "Liability"

Cassetter - "Planet B" (Inst.)

Chaser - "2020"

Cheap Trick - "Light Up The Fire"

CHVRCHES - "How Not To Drown" (w/Robert Smith)

Curtis Harding - "Hopeful"

The Darkness - "Nobody Can See Me Cry"

Daryl Mosley - "Transistor Radio"

DJ Muggs The Black Goat - "Liber Null 777"/"Alphabet Of Desire" (Inst. // Vinyl)

Dragged Under - "Brainwash Broadcast" (w/Spencer Chamberlain)

Dropkick Murphys - "Middle Finger"

Eddie Montgomery - "Ain't No Closing Me Down"

Eric Clapton - "This Has Gotta Stop"

Fast Heart Mart - "Frustrated"

Firehead - "Fuck the Fraud"

Five Times August - "Outtayerdaminde"

The Flaming Sideburns - "A Song for Robert"

Franz Ferdinand - "Billy Goodbye"

Garbage - "No Gods No Masters"

Gizelle Smith - "Better Remember (They're Controlling You)"

Guns N' Roses - "ABSUЯD"

Guydence - "Vaccination" (w/Ask Gabz)

The Hamiltones - "Dracula Invitational 1791" (Inst.)

Information Society - "Extraordinary Popular Delusions And The Madness Of Crowds"

Jack White - "Taking Me Back"

Jim Lindberg - "You're Not Alone"

Joe Normal - "Stand Up!"

John Surge And The Haymakers - "Gun Sale At The Church"

Jorge Elbrecht - "Blocking Out The Horror"

Kings Of Leon - "The Bandit"

Lana Del Rey - "Chemtrails Over The Country Club" // "Arcadia" //

Loretta Lynn - "Still Woman Enough" (w/Reba McEntire & Carrie Underwood)

The Macrames - "Unintentional Consequences Of Love"

Man...or Astro-Man? - "Tenth Planet"

Manic Street Preachers - "Orwellian"

Messer Chups - "Dracula Hates Killer Icicles" (Inst.)

Moderate Rebels - "Higher Than The Hierarchy"

Mogwai - "Supposedly, We Were Nightmares" (Inst.)

Monster Magnet - "Mr. Destroyer"

Mush - "Drink The Bleach"

µ-Ziq - "The Secret Garden" (Inst. // w/Mrs. Jynx)

Nation Of Language - "This Fractured Mind"

Night Beats - "Hell In Texas"

The Notwist - "Night's Too Dark"

Occult Character - "A Warhorse With No Name"

Ohtis - "Schatze" (w/Stef Chura)

Paul Stanley's Soul Station - "O-O-H Child" (Five Stairsteps Cover)

Phytophiliac - "Anthem Of The Free" (Inst.)

Pipe-Eye - "Ancient 5G Aliens" (Inst.)

Placebo - "Surrounded By Spies"

Poppy - "Fear Of Dying" (Jack Off Jill Cover) // "So Mean" //

Quiet Force - "Listen To The Music" (Inst. // Vinyl)

Red Tail Hawk - "King Kong" (Inst.)

Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Band - "Ways & Means"

Samantha Fish - "All Ice, No Whiskey"

Sarah & The Safe Word - "Lost Ring On Riverside"

Sevad - "Nobody Cares"

Sleigh Bells - "Locust Laced"

Spoon - "The Hard Cut"

St. Paul and the Broken Bones - "The Last Dance"

The Stranglers - "This Song"

Suzi Quatro - "I Sold My Soul Today"

Tautologic - "Memo To Yourself"

Teenage Fanclub - "I'm More Inclined"

Thee Sacred Souls - "Will I See You Again?"

Tom MacDonald - "Clown World"

Travis Tritt - "Smoke In A Bar" // "Stand Your Ground" //

Trevor Something - "What You're Doing To Me"

Tycho - "Only Love" (w/Benjamin Gibbard)

The Vaccines - "Back In Love City"

The Vaccines - "Headphones Baby"

Van Morrison - "Where Have All The Rebels Gone?"

We Are Scientists - "You've Lost Your Shit"

Weezer - "All My Favorite Songs"

West Of Texas - "12 Steps To Drinkin'"

Whatitdo Archive Group - "The Black Stone Affair (Main Theme)" (Inst.)

Zombi - "Liquid Crystal" (w/Phil Manley of Trans Am // Inst. // Vinyl)


“You’ve Lost Your Shit” and the #BestOf2021