best terror drill ever!

US plans biggest terror drill ever – 3 fictional ‘dirty bombs’ to go off in portland, phoenix & guam
US plans biggest terror drill everfrom wlfi: It is only a test, but three “dirty bomb” attacks will take place on U.S. soil later this month, beginning at a power plant on Guam and then hitting two U.S. cities.

According to internal documents obtained by The Associated Press, law enforcement and medical personnel will respond to simulated attacks at the Guam facility, at Oregon’s Steel Bridge in Portland and at a busy intersection near Phoenix.

US plans biggest terror drill everBut there is some concern that the results of a smaller national exercise held in 2005 have yet to be released. House lawmakers are expected to demand answers on that drill today during a subcommittee hearing.

The nation’s former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge says the challenge is not drill itself, so much as quick action to resolve any problems that are uncovered. Ridge, who launched his own security consulting firm this week, says “it’s not acceptable” that the review from the 2005 exercise has still not been made public.

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