‘betrayal of trust’

from moveon: We’ve put together a new ad that calls Bush out for betraying the trust of the people and tells Congress that his plan isn’t going to cut it. Read the facts here.

moveon.org fires back at giuliani

from raw story: MoveOn.org, the controversial anti-war group that Republicans bashed for its ad targeting Gen. David Petraeus, is hitting back against one of its harshest critics, Rudy Giuliani.

The former New York mayor has criticized his most prominent potential Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, for not distancing herself from MoveOn’s “General Betray Us?” ad that ran in last Monday’s New York Times. And he purchased his own ad in the Times last week responding to MoveOn.

In a new advertisement the group hopes will air soon in Iowa, MoveOn accuses Giuliani of “going AWOL” when he was picked to advise the president on his Iraq strategy, and the liberal group says the former mayor has betrayed voters’ trust.

Giuliani, who is a top candidate to snag the Republican presidential nomination, was tapped to serve on the Iraq Study Group, but he was later booted from the panel when he failed to show up for meetings, choosing instead to collect six-figure speaking fees, the group alleges.

Newsday reported that Giuliani quit the group after behind admonished for failing to attend meetings – instead appearing for paid public speeches. But Giuliani insisted his decision to withdraw from the group stemmed from his desire not to politicize its findings because he was considering a presidential run.

“It seemed to me that it should be apolitical,” Mr. Giuliani said when asked in December 2006 about his decision, according to the New York Times.

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