Bewildered By Bilderberg

from npr.org: The Bilderberg annual conference is convening at the end of May in Denmark. Or so it's reported. For folks who have never heard of Bilderberg, it's an invitation-only confab of high-powered people who jawbone about world issues. Its mission, according to its official website, is at once simple and complex: "to foster dialogue between Europe and North America." There was a time when Bilderberg — like the Illuminati and Trilateral Commission — evoked secrecy and political puppetry and global strings-pulling. There was a time when conspiracy theorists assigned great power and underhanded chicanery to the leaders who gathered at Bilderberg. There was a time when some people believed historic choices that affect whole nations — and the flow of history — were made clandestinely at Bilderberg. That time is now.

#PumpUpThaVolume: January 21, 2022