#BingeAndPurge: Immunity, Obesity, Accompany and More

Scientists create bird flu that’s easily spread among mammals*
Scientists create bird flu that's easily spread among mammalsSwine Flu H1N1 Pandemic Deaths Up to 15 Times Higher than Lab Tests Counted, CDC Says*
Study: Norovirus Infection Rates Correlate with Google Search Trends for Symptoms*
U.S. Judge Rules U.S. Immune from Paying for Infecting Guatemalans with Syphilis*
Rachel Carson’s ‘Silent Spring’ Turns 50*
FDA OKs first obesity drug in 13 years*
FDA Approves Diet Pill Belviq*
Researchers develop vaccine to treat nicotine addiction*
Chicago City Council passes pot ticket ordinance*
Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Don’t Attract Crime*
Chicago City Council passes pot possession ticket ordinance*
Emanuel’s food truck ordinance tasty to some, sour for others*
Oreo As Sin, Or Not*
See Big Mac, Want Big Mac*
India to Implement Standards for Street Food*
Pizza Cartel Fights Calorie Count Disclosure*
Sea level in Northeastern US rising more than three times faster than global average*
U.S. Companies Have Dumped 30 Trillion Gallons of Toxic Liquids into the Earth…Are They Coming Back to Haunt Us?*
Colorado Wildfire Destroys Hundreds of Homes*
The Unforgettable Fire: Fears Accompany Fishermen in Japanese Disaster Region*
Rogue Dolphin, Alone After Katrina, Menaces Lake Area*
Mutated pests are quickly adapting to biotech crops in unpredicted and disturbing ways*
“Lousy Smarch Weather”: Public Calendars Published For April and May; March Goes Missing*
Video: Merck, the military and germ warfare on college campuses*
Video: Henry Ford’s Hemp Plastic Car in 1941*
Video: The Truth About Teflon*
Video: Geoengineering Explained by G. Edward Griffin*
Video: Weather Weapons Not Science ‘Fiction’*
#Audio‬ ‪#Satire‬: Pea Farmers Say They Alone Keep Peas From Overrunning Planet*

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