#BingeAndPurge: Authorisation, Animals, Amusement

France asks EU to suspend GM crop authorisation*

France asks EU to suspend GM crop authorisation

Boulder works to ban GM crops on county-owned land*
Lower global crop prices to ease food inflation: USDA*
Environment researcher admits leaking climate docs, claims they’re genuine*
Chipotle Makes Delicious Food, Fights For Animals?*
Swiss food giant Nestle predicts tough year,
posts stronger than expected 2011 sales
Mars Cutting King-Size Candy*
E-cigarette explosion burns Fla. man’s face, knocks out his teeth*
Texas students boycott school lunch after learning concept in history class*
Drug Testing Coming For America’s Unemployed*
Video: ‘Law Enforcement Against Prohibition’ and the
Secrets of the 13th Amendment
Video: Children and the War on Drugs*
#Audio #Satire: Local Child Amuses Café Patrons—But For How Long?*

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