#BingeAndPurge: Beer, Bugs, Drugs and more

#TheSimpsons Mural in #Chernobyl — Street artist takes on nuclear industry one year after Fukushima*
#TheSimpsons Mural in #Chernobyl — Street artist takes on nuclear industry one year after FukushimaVideo: Dangerous Radioactive Wave To Hit Entire US Food Supply By Next Year*
Marine Die-Offs, Polar Bears Losing Fur, and Sick Animals in Alaska As Radiation Hits West Coast*
Total’s Elgin Platform Gas Leak:
North Sea Fish Tasted By Scottish ‘Sensory Testers’
Video: Soft-Serve Beer Foam Now Available In Tokyo*
Update: Study says beer makes men smarter*
Another 11th, another tragedy: #Indonesia #earthquake triggers panic, but no #tsunami*
Indonesia earthquake off Aceh triggers Indian Ocean tsunami alert*
Can Fracking Cause Quakes? “Almost Certainly”*
EPA Sued over Refusal to Regulate Coal Ash*
FDA Releases Second Edition of the ‘Bad Bug Book’*
Study Claims NAFTA Led to Obesity in Mexico*
Video: Heart Surgeon Says Eating Raw Marijuana Daily Reduces Stroke by 50%*
Tobacco Farmers Claim Monsanto, Philip Morris Poisoned Them*
Video: US clings to “Drug War” as Latin American nations mull ending prohibition*
Video: Easter Chicks Carry Risk Of #Salmonella*
The Chocolate-and-Radish Experiment That Birthed the Modern Conception of Willpower*
Barbie to roll out ‘cancer doll’*
AFA Foods files for bankruptcy citing ‘pink slime’ media damage*
@McDonalds “serves 100% #USDA-inspected beef- no preservatives, no fillers, no extenders, no ammonia- period.” #pinkslime*
Chicago Food Trucks Ticketed By Cops Using Social Media To Find Them*
Video: Big Ag doesn’t advertise the chemicals it stuffs into animals*
Where did your last meal come from?*
The Dark Side of the Genetically Modified Food Industry*
U of Guelph researchers continue field surveys to track spread of glyphosate-resistant weeds*
#OverheardInPDX: “…well, if it’s good enough for #WIC…”*
Opioid Painkiller Prescriptions Pose Danger Without Oversight*
Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson fined $1.1 billion over anti-psychotic drug Risperdal*
Killing sickness: is DRACO a doomsday device for viruses?*
Vaccine to stop heart attacks could be here in 5 years*
Combined vaccine not tied to seizures in older kids*
Video: Whooping cough outbreaks higher among children already vaccinated*
Roches Urges Illumina Talks Starting at $51-a-Share Bid*
#Audio #Satire: General Mills Pulls Nitroglycerin Chex From Store Shelves*

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