#BingeAndPurge: #Flame, Pain Killings and More

Flame Retardant Found to Cause Health Effects at Small Doses*
Flame Retardant Found to Cause Health Effects at Small DosesOpportunity to Participate in Food Safety Research*
Disney to curb junk-food ads, label healthier food*
Disney junk-food ad ban latest move to slim US kids*
Starbucks spends $100 million to improve food;
Coffee chain buys French bakery La Boulange
Mexican Farmers Block Monsanto Law to Privatize Plants*
Posh hotels are buzzing with tiny new guests:
Honeybees take up residence at Waldorf-Astoria NYC
Food Trucks Add American Flavor to Paris*
Cuomo Seeks Cut in Stop-and-Frisk Arrests*
House to Open Wilderness Areas to Hunting and Fishing?*
Exxon Valdez Still Trouble 23yrs After Alaska Oil Spill*
Future of Natural Gas: Interview w/Raymond Learsy*
Climate Change: Brand or Be Branded*
Doctors advise against delayed vaccination schedule*
Media Blackout On Bill California Legislature’s Assembly Bill 2109 Threatening Vaccine-Refusal Rights*
S. Carolina grandma latest victim of flesh-eating bacteria*
Pharma Phamilies Promote Narcotics for Seniors in Pain*
#Audio #Satire: Bufferin Sought In Series Of Pain Killings*

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