#BingeAndPurge: Fluoride, Fruit, Fraud and more

Harvard Study: Fluoridated Water Associated with Lower IQs in Children*
More Kids Are Living in Poverty and Exposed to Air Pollution*
Can eating fruit help you quit smoking?*
Tepco releases recordings of Fukushima nuclear crisis*
US starts landmark Agent Orange cleanup in Vietnam*
4.1 earthquake hits near Yorba Linda, CA*
July was hottest month in U.S. history*
Obama Administration Fights against UN Global Warming Restrictions*
Fish Get Skin Cancer from Sun Under Ozone Hole*
‘Kittycam’ study finds cats are virtual killing machines*
Anthrax confirmed in dead cow in northeast Colorado*
Gibson Agrees to Pay Penalty Over Imported Ebony Wood*
General Mills acquired Food Should Taste Good®; Expands GM’s natural, organic portfolio*
Surprise: Doctors on Drug Company Payroll More Likely to Prescribe Company’s Drugs*
Video: Why doctors are more dangerous than guns*
Video: Food fraud is a source of high profits*
#Video #Satire: Extreme Storms To Rip Through Godforsaken Midwestern Wasteland*

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