#BingeAndPurge: Nano, Polio, POM, Peru and More

White House Blocking EPA Efforts to Issue Rules on Nanomaterials*
Video: Cases of ‘Non-Polio’ Paralysis Rise After Polio Vaccination Drives*
Federal Judge Rules General Mills Is Allowed to Mislead Consumers about “Fruit” Products*
#FTC Judge Rules Pomegranate Juice Maker Used Deceptive Ads*
Shareholders, Top Doctors Demand McDonald’s Assess its Health Impacts*
Farley’s & Sathers and Ferrara Pan seal merger*
Want great coffee for less? Take matters into your own hands*
Obama Africa Food Aid Plan Opens Door to Biggest Agribusiness Companies*
‘The Voice’ judge Will.i.am goes to Oxford University climate change debate in gas-guzzling helicopter*
Fukushima Forever*
Utah judge says streams are public assets, but access still a question*
Fourth case of flesh-eating bacteria in Georgia*
Flesh-Eating Bacteria Struck Milledgeville Man*
Seven Kids Die After Being Bitten by Bats in Peru*
Video: Gulf Fishermen Reel From Seafood Troubles*

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