Biowars/Envirohealth: Infection, Detection, Pollution

Obama to crush economy with massive co2 taxes next week*
Dr Jack Cassell refuses to treat Obama supportersDr Jack Cassell refuses to treat Obama supporters*
Pfizer ordered to pay up over ‘AIDS-like’ virus infections*
Pfizer’s bad week: kickbacks, whistleblowers & doctors on the payroll*
Bayer beats out Exxon for most toxic corporate air polluter title*
Bacteria detection is anti-terror effort*
Pentagon beefs up biosecurity*
Government may have to waste millions of h1n1 vaccines*
Tularemia detected in Ohio air*
NASA getting $2.4b for climate change research*
Baja earthquake upgraded to 7.2 magnitude*
Major earthquake strikes Sumatra, Indonesia*
Anthrax scare leads to evacuation of 2 Texas schools*
Genetically engineered ‘enviropig’ waiting for approval in US & Canada*

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