biowars/envirohealth: cold, carbon fraud & mass drugging

2010 farmer’s almanac predicts extreme cold weather*
2010 farmer's almanac predicts extreme cold weatherbetter to have no deal at copenhagen than one that spells catastrophe*
poor nations push for ‘new world order’ in copenhagen*
knights of malta fueling both sides of climate debate?*
US court orders records unsealed in cap & trade fraud case*
guardian hit piece on ventura’s climate change investigation*
fighting swine flu with pepperoni:
bribing detroit children with pizza to get swine flu shot
1st confirmed case of dog in US with h1n1*
swine flu vax administered to 60m in US*
satire: hr8791: protecting underground birthing centers from flesh-eating [redacted]*
merck appoints former cdc chief as head of vaccines*
letting the beast out of the [corporatist] bottle:
obama channels bush on bioweapons
video: fox news covers mass drugging of society with lithium*

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