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biowars/envirohealth: dark marks & 100 days of oil

video: dark mark: 100 days of oil*
dark mark: 100 days of oilcorexit sprayed by bp tops 1m gallons*
bp caught exploiting cheap prison labor to clean up oil spill*
bp hires prison labor to clean up spill while coastal residents struggle*
bp ceo hayward out; russia job in works*
bp plans deep-water drilling off libya*
US expert: china oil spill far bigger than stated*
mud, dead fish replace lake after iowa dam break*
US-canada pipeline leaks oil into michigan river*
tug vessel hit abandoned gas well in barataria waterway*
video: deepwater horizon oil spill waste being land-filled*
house to vote on faux 'oil spill’ bill*
video: barge crashes into oil well in gulf, new 20ft high oil gusher*

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