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biowars/envirohealth: drills, spills & bellyaches

preparedness gaps in training for oil spill:
terror drills preceded gulf oil disaster

preparedness gaps in training for oil spill: terror drills preceded gulf oil disasterworkers tell of explosions on night their oil rig exploded*
halliburton worked on rig 20hrs before explosion*
whistleblower: bp risks more massive catastrophes*
whistleblower claims bp was aware of cheating on blowout preventer tests*
rig workers made to sign statements after blast*
no real solution to stop oil spill?*
video: a simple way to clean up the oil spill?*
obama still granting bp environmental study waivers*
video: predictive programming? gulf oil rig explosion in 2009 film 'knowing'*
slick operator: the bp i've known too well*
obama aims to use deepwater disaster to win votes for US climate bill*
flashback: gulf oil updates: the poison is still spilling*

US senators to unveil climate bill*
cap-and-trade is back*
kerry/lieberman rename cap-and-trade as 'american power'*
eugenicist bill gates pays for 'artificial' clouds to beat greenhouse gases*
bill gates chucks cash at climate cooling cloud creator*
earth may be too hot for humans by 2300: study*
at least 58 killed in southern china storms*
magnitude-6.5 earthquake jolts peru, 11 injured*
5 dead after killer tornadoes hit oklahoma*
colorado man charged for anthrax hoaxes*
c. gatti, mystery disease in pacific northwest, linked to missing israeli scientist?*
israeli-american microbiologist, joseph moshe, linked to deadly fungus: haaretz*
1/3rd of all plants & animals face extinction*
poison gas used on school children in kabul*
hiv-positive man charged with bioterrorism after fight with neighbor*
terminal cancer patients spend final days suffering from radiation therapy that does nothing*
beau biden suffers apparent mild stroke; caused by depleted uranium?*
storage of newborns' blood samples raises privacy concerns*
tainted nuke plant water reaches major nj aquifer*
swiss artist catalogs mutant insects around nuke plants*
congress mulls clear protective shield to guard against attacks*
usda awards virtual world contract to saic
guam guard to hold cbrn training exercises this week*

#PumpUpThaVolume: February 25, 2020