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biowars/envirohealth: spilling, sinkhole & sickened

bp commands govt to strangle off media coverage of oil gusher*
bp commands govt to strangle off media coverage of oil gushernews networks say access to oil spill ’slowly being strangled off'*
obama sends bomb, mars experts to fix bp oil spill*
gulf oil spill: 'this disaster just got enormously worse'*
video: browner says bp has 'financial interest’ in downplaying spill size*
video: energy expert says nuking oil leak 'only thing we can do'*
30 shocking quotes about spill that reveal the soul-crushing horror this disaster is causing*
physics professor: oil leak could last for years*
bp cited for more than a spill or leak a day in the US for the last 20yrs*
US launches criminal investigation into oil spill*
goldman sachs sold $250m of bp stock before spill*
video: filmmaker spike lee states the obvious: bp in cahoots with govt*
concerns over another bp oil rig in the gulf*
gulf oil spill solution restores environment in just 6 weeks*
a hole in the bottom of the ocean*
bp chief tony hayward sold shares weeks before oil spill*
evidence points to bp oil spill false flag?*
bp, with government support, hid videos showing size of oil spill*
oblivious to oil in mississippi, possible troops in louisiana*
video: bp continues to deny oil plumes exist*
marine techie: end gulf oil spill with 'mother of all bombs'*
US names 13 countries, plus un which have offered oil aid*
senate hearing disrupted as woman pours liquid on self*
witness statement says bosses knew gulf oil rig disaster was 'gonna happen': report*

biowars/envirohealth updates:
guatemala sinkhole looks like it goes to centre of the earth*
guatemala sinkhole looks like it goes to centre of the earthphoenix-area hospitals fight highly toxic 'supergerm'*
darpa wants to predict deadly pathogens with 'prophecy'*
documents reveal army lab mishaps*
actress sues bayer, claims birth control pill caused stroke*
central america reels from tropical storm agatha*
soldiers at risk for aerosol anthrax attacks*
chemical terror remains a threat*
jerome hauer: chemical weapons pose a grave threat*
pacific islands 'growing not shrinking' due to climate change*
environmental impact study ordered for plum island*
bioattack drill held in n carolina*
ohio, washington to start homeland response forces*
movement on for mandatory flu shots*
clam boat pulls up canisters off ny, crew sickened*
video: we are change rhode island & boston confront bill gates*

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