biowars/envirohealth: vaccines, quakes & secret chemicals

bill gates: ‘we must make this the decade of vaccines’*
bill gates: 'we must make this the decade of vaccines'swine flu stirred profits, but fewer deaths than predicted*
video: sanofi pasteur hired rand to determine how to vaccinate school children*
canadians contract guillain-barre syndrome after swine flu shot from same doctor*

vaccine study retracted as causes of autism remain elusive*
“finish it off so it doesn’t suffer”:
russian journalist calls for euthanasia of disabled newborns
dod prepares for climate change as security issue*
simulated volcanic eruptions to block sun*
massive yellowstone eruption days away?*
100s of mostly tiny quakes are rattling yellowstone park*
detectives question climate change scientist over email leaks*
nearly 17,000 chemicals remain corporate secrets –
even the epa doesn’t know what they are
mid-atlantic braces for ‘monster blizzard’*

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