biowars/swine flu updates: 2nd wave, big shots, bayer & the bees

second wave of swine flu pandemic begins to hit US*
second wave of swine flu pandemic begins to hit USstrip club gives seniors a shot in the arm*
seasonal flu shot may increase h1n1 risk*
washington state lifts limit on mercury preservative in swine-flu shots*
video: doctor says h1n1 vaccine has high levels of squalene*
senators turn back id requirement for immigrant healthcare*
uk girl dies after receiving cervical cancer vaccine*
ramsey county, minnesota holds mass vaccination drill ‘operation big shot’*
military to get mandatory swine flu shots soon*
dr adrian gibbs: swine flu virus created from pig vaccine?*
new film blames bayer for plight of honey bees*
critics say pandemic emergency bill tramples privacy rights*
canada will protect gsk, swine flu vaccine maker, from lawsuits*
santa clara county declares state of emergency for h1n1*
video: new york health care workers in revolt*

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