biowars/swine flu updates: alert, revolt, support

cdc: 76 children dead of swine flu as cases rise*
cdc: 76 children dead of swine flu as cases risewho says it could take years to lower pandemic alert level*
h1n1 & seasonal flu shots can be taken together*
swine flu deaths among youths rise as epidemic spreads*
the resistance mounts*
pennsylvania drafts 2009 mandatory vaccination law*
microchip implant to link your health records, credit history, social security*
vaccine revolt! support crumbles as flimsy rationale for h1n1 shots becomes apparent*
google flu trends now covers 16 more countries*
urgent lawsuit filed against fda to halt swine flu vaccines; claims fda violated federal law*
army first in line to get cutting-edge swine flu shot*
german soldiers get additive free swine flu shot*
swine flu brings big business for doctors & drug companies*
‘one-in-a-million shot’ causes damage*
swine flu shot propaganda goes into overdrive*
video: propaganda on drive-thru vaccination bays*

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