biowars/swine flu updates: ‘have fun getting your shot’

US rolls out massive swine flu vaccination campaign*
US rolls out massive swine flu vaccination campaignfirst doses of h1n1 flu vaccine arrive*
video: dr. oz will not give vaccine to his kids*
doctors concerned flumist vaccine could spread live h1n1 virus*
video: fox hypes h1n1 nasal vaccine: don’t believe the ‘conspiracy theories’*
bilderberg sebelius tries easing flu vaccine fears*
h1n1 plans in full swing*
video: ‘have fun getting your shot’ –
elmo & corporate media flu shot propaganda
proportion of 8yr olds diagnosed with autism is up 50% in 2yrs, cdc says*
autism explodes as childhood vaccines increase*
ap poll: third of parents oppose swine flu vaccine*

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