black helicopter investigation w/ alex ansary & clyde lewis

here is a special video from alex ansary: Alex and Clyde team up to find out how aware the downtown community is about the team of black helicopters that swarmed the city center on the evening of Monday, August 25, 2008. In the second part of the video, they discover a proud day-time display of cannons positioned next to the Willamette river. This was in preparation for a musical symphony scheduled later that night. Alex talked to some of the National Guard soldiers to gauge how much they knew about modern events.

additional thoughts

from alex ansary: Don’t go crazy. It’s all happening for a reason.

and here is the latest episode of “outside the box”
on we the people radio network
listen live to wtprn.comfrom september 3, 2008.
stream: m3u & ram or download: hour1 & hour2

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