blackwater twenty-four

san diego mayor blocks blackwater
san diego mayor blocks blackwaterfrom danger room: Blackwater Worldwide‘s plans for West Coast expansion have hit another roadblock. After already backing away from one possible site in Potrero, Blackwater is now faced with a legal challenge to its plans to open a training facility in leased warehouse space in San Diego. “The company has leased a 61,600-square-foot warehouse in a business park three blocks from the U.S.-Mexico border near Brown Field,” notes the San Diego Union Tribune. “It is installing a shooting range, a simulated Navy ship and classrooms, and hopes to begin operating in June.”

dhs turns to 24 for ideas
(well, it already worked with the lone gunmen, why not try again…)
from danger room: The Department of Homeland Security’s ambitious plan to have a laser-armed drone protect U.S. airports draws its inspiration from an unusual source. According to Jay Cohen, the S&T chief for the Department of Homeland Security (and the man widely credited with reinvigorating the department’s tech research), Chloe is actually from the U.S. television series 24. Cohen described the origin of Chloe in an interview with Fox News.

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