Blood Sacrifice at Aurora, the London Olympics and 007

Sandra Barr offers reader a wild ride as she ties ritual nature of Aurora Shooting of July 20th to the 2012 London Olympics at her blog truthseeker444. “Since the tragic event at Cinema 16 in Aurora, Colorado, I have been working…to document the evidence which connects this tragedy to the London Olympics.Over this last year I have been researching the Royal Family and the Ritual nature of the Olympics, when the shooting happened in Aurora I could immediately see the connections to the Olympics…an astonishing picture emerged of a well planned ritual sacrifice, played out in front of the eyes of the whole world,” explains Barr. A symbolic tie is seen between the Century 16 Cinema in Aurora and 16th Century England’s John Dee and Queen Elizabeth I. Barr sees possible date for a false flag event at the Olympics, “August 4, 2012 for some reason is of the utmost importance to them. 4/8, 8/4 has been coming up in the numerology they use all year. We have only been able to speculate as to what they have planned for that date, but I am convinced they have something huge planned, and the most likely scenario is an attack of some sort at the London Olympics. The Aurora sacrifice was the blood sacrifice before the mega opening ritual.” You’ll want to view video and read blog a couple of times to wrap your mind around all the connections!

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