the bob lazar story: s-4 sport model fueled by element 115

the bob lazar story: s-4 sport model fueled by element 115 The Bob Lazar Story still fascinates, though, the first anonymous interview with George Knapp took place over 20 years ago. Lazar’s credibility remains in question to this day, because of an inability to substantiate his background according to this timeline. It appears doubtful Lazar attended either CalTech or MIT and graduated in the bottom third of his 1976 high school class. Lazar still has his backers who found much evidence to support his claims. Lazar’s six months in 1989 at Area 51’s S-4 site to reverse engineer an alien disc in a project called Galileo, remains spellbinding–either way! You can view a credible Lazar in a well done interview about his experience here. The story propels us into the future with enough detail to pique curiosity.

Lazar’s top secret government research career appears to have kicked into high gear by attending a lecture by famous nuclear physicist Edward Teller at Los Alamos, NM on June 28, 1982, where he met Teller. The scientist happened to have the Los Alamos Monitor newspaper opened to an article on Lazar’s jet car demonstration of the day before. The article refers to Lazar as a physicist at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Teller is provided a resume according to Lazar, but elsewhere, the eccentric nuclear scientist is cited as not remembering ever meeting him. Teller, the father of the hydrogen bomb, is the character Dr. Strangelove is based so anything is possible here?

The details of the S-4 Sport Model (pictured) described by Lazar, seems more than a passing familiarity and captivates a reader’s imagination! The physical description of the alien “sleek sport model” disc, acquired in trade from aliens, lends an air of realism if not credibility to the story. Three gravity amplifiers with wave guides located on the lowest level and a reactor fueled by Element 115 on the middle level, while avoiding a detailed description of the technology that can be surveyed here and here, does leave doubt whether this is a hoax? It’s either a good psyop or it’s the real thing! Norio Hayakawa, a veteran UFO researcher who still has questions, cannot decide whether Lazar is a fraud in an article here? It’s just a fascinating story either way!

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