Branson Determined to Find Cause of #Virgin Spaceship Crash

Branson Determined to Find Cause of #Virgin Spaceship Crashfrom Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson said on Saturday he was determined to find out what caused a passenger spaceship being developed by his space tourism company to crash during a test flight in California, killing one pilot and injuring the other. Branson arrived in California’s Mojave Desert to meet his Virgin Galactic team and federal officials who were opening their investigation into Friday’s accident, the second in less than a week involving a commercial space company. Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo went down during a powered test flight, scattering debris over the Mojave Desert, 95 miles (150 km) north of Los Angeles. “We owe it to our pilots to find out exactly what went wrong,” Branson said during a news conference in Mojave. “If we can overcome it, we will make absolutely certain that the dream lives on,” he said.

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