britain releases secret ufo files (bluebeam psyop prep)

from afp: Britain’s Ministry of Defence on Monday made public its secret files on UFO sightings, with the dossier including a range of reports from a close encounter with a UFO over Kent and a letter from a woman claiming to be an alien warrior. The 19 different incidents were recorded between 1986 and 1992, and published on the National Archives website.

fighter jets ordered to shoot down ufo
fighter jets ordered to shoot down ufofrom danger room: At the height of the Cold War – and hysteria about alien invasions – two U.S. fighter planes were “scrambled and ordered to shoot down a UFO over the English countryside,” Reuters reports. The incident is one of thousands of UFO-related files, declassified and released by the British government today. In one document, F-86 pilot Milton Torres describes his encounter with a huge, erratically-moving object in May, 1957. “The order came to fire a full salvo of rockets at the UFO,” he writes. “To be quite candid I almost shit my pants!” (Click here for the full account, starting on page 259.)

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