bush pledges more free money to israel

from bring it on!: Israel currently receives $2.4 billion annually in military aid. This is in addition to the dozens of million dollar loans given to Israel of which most have been forgiven. Since 1973, Israel has cost the United States about $1.6 trillion. If divided by today’s population, that is more than $5,700 for every man, woman and child in Israel, yet Israel is listed as one of the top twenty wealthiest nations.

Sure would be nice if our own government could hand every man woman and child in the United States $5,700. Nope, instead we get some bullshit tax break from Bush amounting to a couple hundred bucks.

Someone please explain to me why Israel needs more U.S. foreign aid?

PS: U.S. law prohibits the President from providing military aid to any country that “engages in a consistent pattern of gross violations of internationally recognized human rights”. Under the 1967 US Arms Export Control Act, it is illegal to use U.S. weapons to carry out extra-judicial killings. This act stipulates that weapons be sold to “friendly countries solely for internal security and legitimate defense.” Since September 2000, the Israeli army has used U.S. made attack helicopters, tanks and F-16 missiles to target Palestinian civilians, homes, forces and buildings. These same weapons were used to invade Lebanon last summer.

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    Just visiting four years later. Why would Israel do that to Lebanon and the Territories? Is it because its people are evil demons?


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