bush trims texas stay to 10 days

aww, just 10 days? is that going to be enough time to cook up another problem-reaction-solution disaster?

from usa today: August is usually when President Bush stays away from Washington to recharge at his Texas ranch.

This year, Bush is cutting his down time to only 10 days — the shortest summer break of his presidency — against the backdrop of the Middle East in crisis, Baghdad beset by violence and Cuba in flux.

Bush usually spends three to four weeks at his 1,600-acre spread near Crawford, Texas. His rest, though, has been marred by wars, a re-election campaign, anti-war protests and Hurricane Katrina.

Analysts see Bush’s shorter vacation as partly a response to the angry criticism last year from the hurricane-devastated Gulf Coast that he and his administration were slow to respond to the disaster. Bush cut his month-long Texas stay by two days.

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