cable cut fever grips the web

cable cut fever grips the webfrom threat level: Are underseas telecom cable cuts the new IEDs? After two underwater cable cuts in the Middle East last week severely impacted countries from Dubai to India, alert netizens voiced suspicions that someone – most likely Al Qaeda – intentionally severed the cables for their own nefarious purposes, or that the U.S. cut them as a lead-in to an attack on Iran.

Then two more cables failed in the same area, one in a segment connecting Qatar to an island in the United Arab Emirates, and another in a link between Oman and the UAE. The former wasn’t even a cut – it was a power failure, but you can’t keep a good conspiracy theory down; some news sites are even reporting incorrectly that Iran is cut off from the internet, and claiming that there’s a fifth cut, which turns out to be an unexceptional cable failure from weeks ago.

Stefan Beckert of TeleGeography Research says it’s all a bit much.

“I’m much more worried about terrorists blowing up people than cables,” Beckert said. “If you cut a cable, all you are doing is inconveniencing a lot of people.”

internet cable cuts: more than accidents?
from detroit free press: There’s a growing uneasiness in the global Internet community over a series of crippling Internet blackouts overseas that has resulted from four cuts and disruptions to underwater cables over the past week. While no evidence of sabotage has been forthcoming, the four breaks seem to many observers to stretch the bounds of coincidence.

can someone please explain to me…
from danger room: …how five – not one, not two, not three, not four, but five – giant undersea telecom cables, supplying the Middle East and India with access to the ‘Tubes, managed to get damaged in such a short time?

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