california prop 19: giant leap towards ending fraudulent drugwar

california prop 19: giant leap towards ending fraudulent drugwarfrom ethan jacobs, j.d.: This November 2nd, Californians have an opportunity to vote yes on Proposition 19 which, if passed, would set an important precedent for abolishing the fraudulent war on drugs. The war on drugs is a hypocritical fraud because hundreds of thousands of low-level street marijuana dealers are arrested each year, while the global elite’s agents within the CIA and other government agencies continue to manage the international drug trade of narcotics. There are also many important social and economical reasons for supporting Proposition 19…

The global elite and governments they control have been running the international drug trade for hundreds, if not thousands, of years..

Passage of California Proposition 19 and the legalization of marijuana would be a major victory for individual freedom and a blow to the police state. The war on drugs is a miserable failure; hundreds of thousands of low-level marijuana arrests are made each year while the global elite and their government puppets continue to traffic narcotics, making billions in off-the-books profits. Legalizing marijuana will reduce prison costs while increasing sales tax revenue for state and local government.

hidden benefit of legal marijuana: industrial hemp

prop 19, hemp & george soros
from kenny’s sideshow: Passage of Prop 19 in CA next week will not only go a long way to easing the fraud of the ‘war on drugs’ and the social injustices it promotes but it will also open the doors for reintroduction of hemp for industrial use. It would also intensify the states rights issue and maybe get folks thinking and acting along constitutional lines and fighting back against the feds and their over reaching criminal agendas. But what’s troubling is when a new world disorderly like George Soros backs the proposition and contributes $1 million to get it passed. He even gets an ‘editorial’ in the Wall Street Journal. Soros has agendas too. None of which are in our best interests. Strange times indeed when some of us are on the same side of an issue as Soros. But that’s just for now. Plans are already being made for the corporate control of marijuana and possibly hemp. Monsanto will get the genetically modified contracts. As long as there are provisions to ‘grow your own,’ marijuana will not be completely taken over by the greedy corrupt corporations and tax and spend advocates but I get the feeling that Soros will eventually ‘move on’ and support to eliminate private cultivation. Although he endorsed Proposition 19, noting that it would allow recreational use and small-scale cultivation, Soros also suggested “its deficiencies can be corrected on the basis of experience.”

more on george soros’ push to ‘legalize it’ for tax purposes

oregon to vote on medical marijuana dispensaries
from katu: One thing voters may notice in Oregon’s Voters’ Guide this election is that some big names are supporting Measure 74, a measure that would green-light state-sanctioned medical marijuana dispensaries. Turn on your radio Monday and you might hear a new ad with the voice of former Portland mayor and police chief, Tom Potter, supporting the measure. “But I do support Measure 74,” he says in the ad. “It regulates medical marijuana. That change is overdue. Since medical marijuana is legal, we need to regulate it.”

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