california throws away enough food to fill 35 stadiums per year

keep this story in mind next time you hear that nonsense from people like bill gates insisting we need gm crops to feed a hungry world.”

vast amounts of food trashed despite incentives
california throws away enough food to fill 35 stadiums per yearfrom sfgate: Farmers, restaurants and supermarkets throw away millions of tons of edible food each year at a time when a growing number of Californians struggle to put food on the table.

More than 6 million tons of food products are dumped annually, enough to fill the Staples Center in Los Angeles 35 times over, state studies have found. Food is the largest single source of waste in California, making up 15.5 percent of the state’s waste stream, according to the California Integrated Waste Management Board.

An examination by California Watch and the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California found shortcomings along California’s food distribution chain that allow vast amounts of food to go to waste in landfills, despite incentives that encourage food donations.

Among the findings:

Millions of tons of fruit and vegetables rot in fields and orchards or are plowed over each year. Some of these edible crops are left behind because they are misshapen or discolored. Gleaning programs rescue only a small portion of the field waste.

Major retail grocery chains are more likely to throw away fruits, vegetables and even entire hams and roasts than donate to distribution centers. While federal and state laws protect grocers from liability, many stores were concerned that donated food could sicken recipients even if it had not reached its expiration date. While some major chains donate food, others do not.

— Restaurants dump tens of thousands of tons of edible food every year. The vast majority of the state’s 90,000 restaurants do not participate in food-donation programs.

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    Time to begin re-evaluating Hitler (starting by asking yourself, if he was so bad, why do the rotten elite hate him so much?).

    But back to the subject — at a time when, with people starving from the Bankster-caused Great Depression, FDR's minions went around to farms destroying food (for example,killing and BURNING beef cattle) in order to keep the prices up, Hitler refused to throw away food; instead it was distributed to people who needed it. DUH!!

    And Germany's economy worked — unlike that of the US, which languished at least up until the bankster-fomented Second World War.

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